a study on the future

My younger son is wrapping up his last week of fifth grade.  Among many of the “fun” days at the end of the school year was Yearbook Signing Day.  The children all got a very nice yearbook full of memories and pictures just like the older kids do.  Each graduating 5th grader had a portrait as well as a text box they could fill in with their likes and future plans.

It was very interesting to see the spectrum of thoughts as the rising 6th graders pondered their futures.

One student was very focused on the short term as her future plans were to “have a great summer”.

A few students focused on college with one hoping to attend Harvard and a few who wanted to play sports at their favorite schools.

Most children have plans to be professional athletes in soccer, lacrosse, football, and baseball.

And the smallest group that stood out to me were the children who focused on career choices at such a young age.  Among this group there were future teachers, nurses, doctors, magicians, business owners, weathermen and investors.

What do you think it is that can cause such a wide range of answers among the children?  Is it that children have different views of “the future”?  Do you think it is parental influence or lessons learned at home?  Is it a value system in place in our country that celebrates professional athletes more than teachers?

Suffice to say I was very proud to see that my son hedged his bets as his future plans are to be a “scientist, athlete, investor, or businessman”.   I guess all of that time watching Shark Tank is paying off!

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