swimming and perseverance

My son is on a summer swim team at our local pool.  The team swims from Memorial Weekend until the first week of August.  They have daily practice for 1.5 hours, B meets on Wednesday nights and A meets on Saturday mornings.

The dedication shown by the kids is amazing.  If you have tried to swim as an adult you know how hard it is but these kids swim lap after lap day after day.  Sure there is the occasional “bathroom break” but over the course of 90 minutes the kids swim at least 2000 meters (which is well over a mile).

I became intrigued with swimming as I saw the kids getting more muscular looking and losing baby fat.  I decided to give it a try and could barely do 25 meters without feeling completely out of breath.  But much like the children, I persevered and kept adding on laps.  

After 3 weeks of swimming I have seen noticeable changes in my body as well.  I can swim many laps at once without stopping, and when I do get tired, I take a short break and get back to work.  I am currently spending 45 minutes in the pool.  

I am trying to learn a flip turn and the butterfly stroke.

At the end of the summer I hope to be able to swim a decent individual medley consisting of all 4 swim strokes.

The persistence that I observed with my son and his teammates pushed me to be a better version of myself.  The perseverance that the kids exhibit every day motivated me to leave to comfort of a lounge chair on the pool deck and jump into a new sport and way to exercise.

Thanks team!

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