decluttering trick

My wife is definitely not a hoarder but she doesn’t always share my excitement for active decluttering.  We designed our house to have lots of storage spaces so there is almost no visible clutter in it.  When everything has a place for to be stored, it makes it much easier to straighten up and keep the house clean.

Our challenge is that some of these storage spaces are full of junk which I feel we no longer need or use; especially in the kitchen.  I have a stronger passion for downsizing and streamlining than my wife.  However I think I found a good way to introduce your partner to the minimalist lifestyle.

It struck me by accident when we were looking for a specific coffee mug.  My wife is very particular about her stainless steel travel mugs.  She likes that they keep her drinks hot for nearly half a day at work.  On the other hand I drink my coffee so fast, that insulation is never a problem.  When were looking for her stainless mug we had to sort through almost 10 plastic mugs to find hers.  We started going through the mugs and sorted them into keep or trash piles and I was pleasantly surprised as our trash pile kept growing.  Once the mugs were sorted we started looking at travel water bottles that were in the same cabinet and we had the same results.  We were able to declutter that particular cabinet by about 50%!

It was in that moment that I realized my success.  By encouraging my wife to review something that mattered to her in the coffee mug sorting, I was able to build on the progress and take on the water bottles without any problems.

It is not wise to force your will on someone but if you can translate why something that is important to you may also be important to them you will find success!

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