Was it really a good deal?

My wife and I went to a great Chinese restaurant last night for dinner.  It is a place that she gets take out from at work sometimes but it also has a pretty nice sit down dining area.  

When we were seated the waiter asked if we wanted the ‘Restaurant Week Menu” as well as the regular one.  As many of you may have in your towns, Restaurant Week is a week that participating restaurants offer fixed price meals at a reduced cost.  Sometimes you can get a 4 course meal at a rather expensive restaurant for almost half off.

This was a nice surprise.

We looked at the menu selection.  The fixed price was $35 for 4 courses.  Everything on the special menu looked good so we decided to go with it.

One by one the plates came out and they were all very good.  Even the entre was full sized which I was not expecting on a reduced price menu.  The service was great and we had a very nice time.

My wife made the comment that it was a great deal.  

I didn’t want to ruin the moment but I couldn’t help myself.

I said “it was a great deal if you were going in planning to eat 4 courses”.

She asked me to explain myself.

I replied, “ I came here planning to have an entre of about $20.  When we saw the menu at a good value we were upsold to a $35 option.  On top of that I ate way more than I wanted to and even had dessert which I NEVER do.”

I think she understood what I was saying and I quickly got out of the conversation.

When we are presented with options that seem to be of good value we need a reference point to compare them to.  Sure, a four course meal at $35 was a good price compared to buying each of those items individually from the regular menu.  However it was not as good of a deal when you consider I probably would have been fine with a $20 meal.

Be careful when evaluating deals not just based on the dollar value, but more so what is the value to you.

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