Be great today


Be great today!

I just spent a long weekend in Austin, TX visiting family.  I had a great time although I I think I gained 10 pounds from visiting so many great restaurants.

I stayed at the W Hotel (which I highly recommend).

One morning I was sharing an elevator with a guy.  As he exited on a different floor he left me with the following salutation…Be great today”.

I followed with my regular “have a good one”.

His was better than mine.

As I write this post one week after the encounter, his words have stuck with me.  His advice was a call to action.  His advice guided me to control my destiny.  His advice was to be active in the outcome of my day.

Compare to my goodbye…It was passive.  It was weak.  It gave the impression that I allow things to happen to me rather than make things happen.

Life is what you make of it.  You can take control of the wheel and drive or you can be a passenger.

Which one are you?

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