The week I skipped the supermarket

Like most American families we go to the supermarket once per week.  I’ll typically go on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to my local Wegman’s.  I love Wegman’s.  The produce is always fresh, the store brands taste very good, and the prices are fair.

Also like most American families we had a very busy weekend consisting of two soccer tournaments which kept me too busy to get to the store.  

With the exception of a convenience store gallon of milk, I did not grocery shop this week and I want to tell you about my experience.

I try to keep my shopping budget around $140 per week for a family of 4.  I usually plan 4-5 meals per week and expect one pizza night and or one night out.  We all eat breakfast at home every day.  My wife packs her lunch most days and the kids also take their lunches to school.  I make a pot of store brand coffee every day (I cut back from Dunkin Donuts brand).

For dinner I usually buy a Wegman’s roasted chicken for $4.99 which is a great deal and usually provides leftovers for fajitas or chicken chili.

But this week was a little different.

Breakfast was easy because I usually have 2-3 boxes of cereal in wait.

Lunch was a little more challenging because the threat of running out of juice boxes.

Dinner brought out some creativity and freezer digging that made it all possible.

Last week I bought 2 ham steaks in sealed wrappers along with a can of yams.  This made for a fast and easy meal.  You can then take the leftover ham and make carbonara sauce with regular household staples such as ham, peas, milk, butter, cheese, and garlic.  Frozen shrimp became shrimp scampi with wine, oil, butter, lemon, and garlic. Aging bread became toasted with garlic.  Grapes and apples sitting in the coldest part of the fridge lasted most of two weeks.  

I wouldn’t call my regular supermarket shopping hoarding, but having a little extra lying around definitely helped this week.

I would guess that most folks also have more than they need in the pantry and freezer not out an abundance of planning, but an abundance of buying.  

I would suggest you try your own shopping free week or at least make a conscious effort to clear out the stock.  I think you will feel better saving money and preventing waste.  It is also easier to clean the pantry and freezer when they are almost empty!

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