Think first in 2017

In all cases, my goal for 2017 is singular.

It will be my mission to “think first” in all aspects of my life.

If the kids do something I don’t like, I will think first before getting upset and yelling.

If my wife and I argue, I will think first before escalating and work to resolve first.

If presented with unhealthy food options, I will think first before inhaling them.

If I feel like skipping the gym, I will think first and ponder what the lack of exercise will do to me.

If I find myself buying something mindlessly and without purpose I will think first.

You get the idea.

Something that I used to be really proud of was an ability to make fast decisions based upon any information I had at the time.  As I get older I realize that gathering more information and making even better decisions is more desirable.  By simplifying my mission for 2017 and being more thoughtful and deliberate with a “think first” mantra I hope to have healthier relationships, more effective decisions, and a happier year ahead.

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