a review of Mod Pizza

MOD Pizza

A number of quick fire pizza places have come and gone in my town but I think Mod Pizza is going to be here for a while.

Mod Pizza is a franchise that offers pizzas at different sizes but from there you get unlimited toppings included.  You can go simple and get a plain Jane pie, build your own, or choose from any of about 10 pre-configured favorites.

The thing that I like about Mod is that they offer a personal sized pizza that is plenty big enough for an adult and it is priced under $5.  When you add in a cup of water it is a pretty good deal for a delicious dinner.

Mod Pizza stands out in this regard.  They are offering a normal portion size at a fair price. The small size pizza helps keep us our waist line thin and our wallet fat.  Too many restaurants supersize options and provide giant portions in order to justify their higher prices.  Mod is hitting the target by offering a minimalist option that prevents waste and excess.


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