Car pooling lessons learned

Tuesday night I offered to bring a few of my son’s friends home from soccer practice.  I always enjoy driving the kids because they totally let their guard down when they are socializing with their friends in the car.  It’s like they don’t even remember I am in the same car with them.  They clown around, tease each other, and give me a glimpse into their world that I would not see otherwise.

I highly recommend being the driver for your children to see if you have the same experience.

Sometimes the conversations might revolve around an upcoming party or some conflict at school but in my most recent drive I was really shocked by the maturity and insight of a particular talk.

The boys were nose down in their Instagrams and talking about how they could make money online.  Each of them recognized the value of Youtube and its pay per click model as well as advertising concepts.  They all discussed that there was no money to be made in some of their other social media apps like Instagram and that they basically used that just for fun.  

They admired @PewDiePie for his ability to create profitable online content.  Impressively, they valued the perpetuity of good videos and remarked that he is still making money from videos he made years ago.  It was like they grasped the concept of passive income and understood its value.

I was proud of the boys for a number of reasons. They recognized the value of Youtube and the shortcomings of Instagram related to revenue generation.  They understood the value of finding the right tool for the job.  If done well, Youtube could help them make money but Instagram could not (in their opinion).  They understood the concept of passive income and why it is valuable.

My accidental market research made me think about social media in general.  Companies like Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook can make advertising dollars while using their customers, but the users are less able to make money FROM the platform.  If kids don’t see a media platform as useful for making money as a two way street ,will the platform fall out of favor?  

I don’t claim to have the answers for social media and money making but my recent drive with the soccer team really got me thinking.

It was great to get insight into their inner thoughts as well as learn a few new things about how they view some common social media platforms.  Volunteer to drive the next car pool and you never know what you might learn!

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