best man speech, 15 years old


champagne-glassesAbout 15 years ago, I was honored to be the best man in my friend’s wedding.  It was a destination event at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  I remember the day was very hot and we were all wearing heavy wool suits.  I knew I wanted a short toast and the weather definitely solidified my decision….

It went like this.

Friends and family, we are gathered here today to celebrate the marriage of Kevin and Erin.  When Kevin asked me to be his best man I was humbled but excited to fill the role.

I was there the night that Kevin and Erin met so I feel uniquely qualified to send them into wedded bliss.  Watching their relationship evolve from a single dance at a frat party to this wedding today allowed me to also get to know Erin.  She is smart, kind, funny, and most importantly …. tolerant!

Kevin and I met in college.  We were roommates and became fast friends.

I can be judgmental with my friends.  I might rank them and the absolute best friends are those like Kevin.  I know that I can ask Kevin to help me move apartments or bail me out of jail at 2 AM with no questions asked.

And ever since Kevin and Erin’s engagement last year, I have been preparing to to formally give up the title as Kevin’s best friend.  Today marks the final transition of that process as Kevin and Erin pledge eternal love.

But Kevin you know you can always count on me any time.  If you ever need me to bail you out of jail at 2AM I will be there in a flash.

But from now on, you’ll need to call Erin first!

Thank you and Cheers!!!!

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