@ThisIsSethsBlog for inspiration

I just found Seth Godin’s work online

Aside from the content, the thing that amazes me the most about Seth’s writing is that he commits to publishing every day.  I don’t yet know if he writes every day or manages to bang out 5 in one day and save them for the rest of the week.  However, the dedication to daily publishing is quite inspiring.

When I started my blog it was a spin off of some professional writing I was doing on LinkedIn.  @blogsofstuff was focused on personal finance, life hacking, and anything of interest to me at that time.  As the name implies, it was full of “stuff”.

Sometimes I would go weeks without writing.  I always felt that my posts had to be really unique and mind blowing to be worth while.  I am learning that consistency may be the better approach.  There is no need to create a masterpiece 3 page blog every time I write.  Sometimes a few paragraphs on a more regular basis will yield better traffic and interest.  At the very least, it will force me to sit down and produce.

As all of the experts say, “done is better than perfect.”

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