take the job and then figure it out.

I’ve heard it said more than once that if you get offered a job but aren’t sure you are qualified, just take it and figure it out as fast as you can.

I have recently followed this advice by taking on a part time technology contract position in which I have little experience to speak of.  However, the people I work with have been encouraging as they have helped educate me in technologies I had literally never used before.

The more often I work, the more I learn and feel slightly more competent every day.  I watch training videos in my free time and am in the process of installing some VMWare tools to learn even faster.

I must admit that the first few days were wrought with anxiety as I thought people would see through my confident exterior.  My face was tired from the constant clenching of my jaw and my fingernails were chewed down to the skin.  Thankfully each day has gotten easier and I will eventually be competent in my role.

I wouldn’t say I am in the “fake it till you make it” camp, but sometimes sitting back, being quiet, and searching for information prior to asking for it can be a decent strategy for a new job.


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