my @tompetty moment

I was skiing in Colorado with my family and we took a day trip to Beaver Creek.  I wasn’t expecting huge crowds but the parking lots were all packed.  Every lot we tried to access was already full and closed for the day.

Eventually we were directed to a lot pretty far away from the base called Rodeo Lot.  You could tell by the fencing and chutes, that there were actual rodeos held here in warmer weather.

We unpacked the car and put on our boots for the walk to the bus stop close by.

For me, getting to the base area is the most stressful part of the skiing experience.  My kids still need help with their boots but at least they are old enough to carry their own gear (assuming they don’t forget anything or drop anything along the way.)  The bus can be very hot as you sweat under the layers of clothing.  You may feel cramped if the bus is full and the smell, well…….

A few moments into the 10 minute bus ride to the base, Free Falling by Tom Petty came on the radio.  It started slowly as one or two people started quietly singing the lyrics along and grew louder and louder until the whole bus had joined in.

It was such a magical start to the day and I will never forget it.

I’ve been to a couple of Petty concerts and had such a great time.  His music will live on forever just as my memory of that bus ride at Beaver Creek, CO.

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