teaching #mindfulness as a parent

if I had to summarize my parenting goals in one word it would be instilling “mindfulness” in my children.

mindfulness is a state of mind.  it is a process and attitude.  it is caring and feeling.  it is planning and executing.  it is cleaning and organizing.  it is maintaining a sense of awareness and thinking about your surroundings, obligations, and actions.

be mindful and straighten the room.  close the drawers, make the bed, pick up the dirty clothes.

be mindful when talking to friends.  don’t gossip. be kind. be inclusive.  be empathetic.  be supportive.  be a listener.  be reliable

be mindful with distractions.  phones are not evil, but overuse is.  minimize video games.  have a purpose while online.  don’t get sucked into rabbit holes and youtube traps.

be mindful with aspirations.  write down goals.  make a plan. get mentoring and tutoring.  ask for help.  give help.

be mindful with school. plan ahead. don’t procrastinate. turn free time into work time when needed. don’t take the easy way out. join clubs. try something new.

be mindful with possessions.  take care of your clothes.  be gentle with your electronics.  don’t thrown things. don’t lose things.

be mindful in your routine.  pack your bag the night before. put your papers away. lay out your clothes. give your self time.  don’t expect everything to go perfectly to make your bus on time.

the list will continue to grow in time.  but in all cases, simply slowing down and applying some level of mindfulness and thought to their lives will help my children become better people.

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