my first @medium post

Last week I made the commitment to myself to write more frequently.  I was motivated by @thisissethsblog in which Godin seems to post daily.  I am not a trained writer but hope to get better.  Most writers say the best way to get better is to write more frequently.

My previous content was a little more thoughtful but it was taking too long to create based upon my new goal.  I was barely posting something once or twice per month on average.

With my new motivation to post more frequently, I wrote an article here about #bumpstocks and the tragedy in Las Vegas.  I then re-posted to Medium.

I was both shocked and excited to get an extremely critical review of the article.  It showed me that people actually read them, but it also provided me some information that even an off the cuff editorial needs to be well thought out.  Everything I wrote made sense to me, but I could easily understand the critique that was posted as a reply.

The experience taught me that even more frequent postings will require thought and attention.  Writing for myself was easy but as I intend to write for others, I need to do better.

Fast and good are possible with more attention.

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