tech overload

I am back from a two week technology hiatus.

I am not a Luddite and I appreciate and enjoy technology, but I started feeling anxious every time I passed a reminder of how much technology has infiltrated my life.

It all started when my wife bought a couple of new kitchen gadgets around Christmas time.

The addition of a digital George Foreman Grill and a fancy new Instapot triggered me.

I already had a nice Foreman grill and a trusty crock pot.  They were rudimentary and they worked.  They didn’t require instructions and Youtube videos to learn how to use them.  You plugged them in and came back when the food was ready.

The new kitchen gear felt like a combination of gadetry and science project.

I was getting frustrated by it.

I had a tangle of charging wires on my kitchen counter.

I had a PC in the living room.

Both kids had Chromebooks on their bedroom desks.

My wife’s work laptop was on the bedroom dresser.

The whole family was typically head down in their iPhones.

Even my wife’s reading was on Kindle or iPad at bedtime.

Wireless headphones needed charging.

Battery backup chargers were needed when tech device batteries ran out.

Lightning cables and USB cables were scattered around the house.

I have no expectation of trying to reel everyone in at the moment.  I can only work on my own head.

I sold an old iPad and Kindle.

I deleted some social media apps from my phone.

I bought some paper books to read.

I do 5 pushups every time I feel that reflex to check my phone for no reason at all.

I watch a lot less news and don’t feel the need to try to be an expert on transient topics. As @altucher says, today’s news is the rough draft of history.

It is hard to believe how much technology has become a part of our daily lives.  But like most good things, moderation is key for me.  

When I started to feel overwhelmed by it all I know it was time to step back and take a look at my own habits and patterns.

As an aspiring minimalist, I strive for less.

This includes technology devices as well as technology usage.

In 2018 I need to become more mindful, present, and focused on meaningful activities.

This process is the first step in that direction.

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