swim team pickup and entitlement

My son is on a year round swim team.  He practices 4-5 times per week at the local facility.

The pool is part of a larger gym and has a parking lot that can hold about 200 cars.

Within the parking lot there are driveways and lanes for travel.  These lanes are restricted as fire lanes, and clearly marked no parking.

When I arrive to pick him up, there may only be 20 cars in the lot so it is pretty easy to find me.  I’ll walk up to meet him or I’ll text him, “left side near back”.  He’s never gotten lost.

Then there are about 20% of the parents to whom the “no parking” signs seemingly don’t apply.  They do what is easiest for them and their children, damn the rest.

They park on both sides of the fire lanes, typically right in front of the signs.  The cars block traffic and make driving to exit problematic and unsafe.

I don’t know the reasons that they flout the rules and disregard safety and common decency.

The funny thing I have noticed about the parking situation is that is seems to have a socio-economic appearance to it.

The Volkswagens, Hondas, Fords are all rule followers and park in the assigned spots in the lot.

The Range Rovers, Audi, and BMW all typically the ones parking illegally.

Is this a significant observation?  

I think yes.

Why do “wealthy” feel entitled to do what they will?

Are they so self absorbed that it doesn’t even register that they putting their needs above others?  Or is it more sinister that they simply don’t care?

Regardless of the outcome, I make a point to teach my son and anyone else in the carpool what it means to be a citizen of the world.  Don’t put yourself on a pedestal and understand that society works better when we respect each other.


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