beware of #dogma, #marketing and #advertising

Don’t be a lemming.  Understand that you are under constant attack by marketing and advertising.  Sometimes the marketing is so effective it becomes dogma.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” says Lenna F. Cooper, B.S., writes in a 1917 issue of Good Health, the self-proclaimed “oldest health magazine in the world” edited by none other than Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, the co-inventor of flaked cereal.

“Spend at least 3 months salary on your diamond engagement ring” says  DeBeers (a diamond company).

“Got Milk” and “Milk does a body good” by the Dairy Industry although humans are the only mammal species to drink any milk after infancy as well as the only mammals to drink milk of another species ewwww.

“Say it with roses” according to  FTD Flowers or better yet, say it with words.

Marketing is designed to create an emotional response.  Keep your thinking hat on and make your decisions independently,


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